Simple Pricing - 2%

You exist for a mission. You want to maximize your fundraising for that mission and AuctionIT can help you accomplish that. Our fee1 is simple. Just 2% of the gross revenue run through our software.

Credit Card Fees

We make 0.00% on the credit cards run through our software. If you choose to use the Stripe integration to process payments you will pay their fees2. Cards processed online will be 2.9% + 30¢2. Cards processed in-person via rented terminal will be 2.7% + 10¢2.

Raising more than $250,000?

Ready to or already running a big event? Awesome. We can still support you. One of our largest events sells over 1,600 auction items, and over 10,000 vending items and raises over a $1 million. We would love to help your next event be a success by providing a discounted rate based on the volume of your gross revenue.

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Long Term Customer Discount

Have one or more annual events? We recognize our long-term customers by discounting our fee based on the total gross revenue with us over the lifetime of our partnership.

White Glove Services

We have the hardware and expertise you need to make your event a success. Credit card terminals, printers, laptops and tablets are all available3.


Let us work together to customize a hardware package3 to meet the needs of your event and it will be configured in advance and shipped or delivered to you.

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We will come on-site the day of the event or even the days before2. We will bring all necessary hardware, set it up and help you troubleshoot during your event.

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The Fine Print

1 Minimum $100.00 fee per event
2 Fees as of 10/21/2022, subject to change. Stripe Pricing
3 Contact us for availability and pricing