Simplify Your Next Charity Auction

An auction is an exciting way to raise money and engage with your supporters. However, there are many steps to making an event successful. You are good at talking to your supporters about the importance of your mission. You know how to encourage them to donate items to sell or attend the event to support it financially. Do you really want to have to be good at tracking donations and purchases for tax purposes or billing them efficiently for easy payment at the end of the event? Let us help you be good at the parts of the event that are not your mission.

We use the latest technology to deliver a cloud-based solution so your event can be run anywhere where there is Internet access. With a minimum of web-browsers and printers you are ready to go, but we do offer additional hardware to make some functions more efficient if needed.

Key Features:

  • Live Auctions
    Simple, efficient screen to sell during a live auction
  • Silent Auctions
    Paper or online options for silent auctions
  • Vending
    Sell food, t-shirts or other items during your event and have them included on the supporters account
  • Donation Campaigns
    Give your supporters the option to fund key initiatives in their event account